Unique visual arts and fine silver jewelry

About my Art

I just love art supplies!!! Having started with water based media I was tickled pink to move on to oils. But geting into inks and resins has brought me back to using some acrylics and experimenting with many of the newer mark makers.  Just as I kept my practice of medicine general, I keep my practice of art general. 

There are those whose creative process is best expressed through specializing in one style, or medium. That really isn't me!!

Each idea manifests in its own individual style.

My work is varied. My oils and watercolours are largely impressionist realism, and I have started producing giclee prints of some of the pieces that have proved more popular. I have been doing ink on rice paper for several years and have recently incorporated that technique into the mixed media pieces, which also combine calligraphy. In the past few years I am also combing resin in a variety of ways, alone and over many other media. 

I am intrigued by light, colour, and the incorporation of texture. My goal is to find beauty and fun in the ordinary. 

The practice of medicine is a very extroverted pastime and the practice of art is just the opposite....solitary, introverted and contemplative. How fortunate I am to have found this balance of vocations.  

 I think the most important lesson I have learned in my own creative process is to approach each piece with the humility of the beginners mind. 

To allow the stones to shape the jewelry and the colours to paint the picture is a gift. I get to be the midwife in the birth process of new art. What could 

be more exciting than that?


I can do what I do because of the unwavering love and support of my life partner Francois. 

I stretch myself in emulation of my two astonishing daughters, smart, loving, capable and talented each in their own right.

It has taken much of a lifetime to find that I had a still centre. That journey has been fed by the love and laughter and good talk from extraordinary friends.

thank you